Since its creation in 2007, then named after its founder, Steve Girard Designer, the company adapted to changes in the market and went through several growth phases to become SGD A in 2021.

The result of a desire to focus its activities on exclusive, high-end projects as well as the arrival of two new partners, SGD A expresses, through its new identity, a profound desire to create exceptional projects.

Based in Quebec City, this passionate, visionary team creates exclusive residences, unique businesses that make an impression, and corporate spaces focused on ergonomics, productivity, and well-being that consistently reflect the client’s personality, mission, and vision in all four corners of Quebec and beyond.

SGD A evokes the reality of an agile team on the move, helping its clients take on the many challenges they face and allowing them to bring their dream to life with precision, imagination, and reliability.

Steve Girard

Founder and President

Passionate about architecture and design from an early age, Steve chose to build a career that would combine all his main interests. Being an entrepreneur at heart and preferring to be his own boss, he launched his business right after completing his education and continues to put in daily efforts and creativity to grow and evolve his companies, always pushing the concept of a 360-degree customer experience to new heights.

Through numerous travels across Europe and America, he was able to develop and fulfill his love for exploration, good food, and fine wine. As a father of two hyperactive little monsters who came into his life a few years ago, he faced a new significant challenge: balancing his passion for his profession and his family life, which, let’s admit it, is not always a piece of cake!


Véronique Savard

Associate Designer

With degrees in interior design and industrial design, Véronique has been part of the company’s development and growth almost since its inception. A versatile artist, she channels her creativity into her work when time is limited for other disciplines that allow her to express her love for beauty.

An eternal optimist with the ability to find beauty in everything, even the simplest things, she lives in tune with the seasons and enjoys capturing each subtle change through the lens of her camera. As an avid explorer of bookstores, she also loves to travel through the words of others to discover the imaginative worlds created by authors whose boldness and inventiveness she admires.

The main driving force behind her practice, fueled by her nostalgic side, is to create spaces that will serve as a backdrop for the memories her clients will make there.


Bryan Lagacé

Associate Architectural Technologist

Bryan is a hyperactive entrepreneur always on the lookout for a good real estate opportunity or a new idea for a small business. He can sometimes be difficult to keep up with due to his spirited personality and desire for exploration – travel is at the foundation of his Maslow’s pyramid, and he’s not happy if he stays in one place for too long.

Known for his charismatic nature, he has become the firm’s official cocktail creator and party host. However, with the arrival of baby Edmond, his family values have come to the forefront, leading to a slightly less frenetic pace in his life – although not everyone can still keep up with him!