Boisé du Lac

Architecture résidentiel Québec Lac Beauport

Boisé du Lac

Lac-Beauport, QC

Designed in two distinct volumes that contribute to energizing its volumetry, this partially garden-level residence benefits from a secluded wing for the bedrooms and utilizes the additional space on the lower level to expand the living areas.

For this “modern Scandinavian” hybrid-style residence, we opted for minimalist roofs without overhangs and an arrangement of materials in natural and neutral tones.

In the courtyard created between the two main bodies, right next to the glass entrance, a covered terrace is nestled, extended by a swimming pool.

The natural and timeless spirit continues inside with the addition of wooden beams magnifying the cathedral ceiling and the use of exterior stone as an elegant cladding for the fireplace and kitchen, providing undeniable warmth to the living area.

Project information

Type :
Family home
Area :
4 300sq/ft
Year :
Services :
Architecture + Design