Chocolats Favoris (43 branch)

Design intérieur boutique chocolats favoris

Chocolats Favoris (43 branch)

Québec and Ontario

Creation of several stores across Quebec.
Our mission: to bring to life our clients’ dream of creating a chocolate shop that is unique in the world, featuring a concept that will send both young and old into a reverie.

The liquid chocolate is placed in the foreground. A network of pipes and tanks that makes the shop look like a chocolate factory stimulates the customers’ imagination, while the environment inspired by the artisanal chocolate shops of old echoes the very first stores, set up in ancestral homes.

Project information

Type :
High-end chocolate shop chain
Area :
de 1 000sq/ft to 2 500sq/ft
Year :
2013 to 2021
Services :
Concept + Design