Domaine du Lac Taureau

Domaine du Lac Taureau

Saint-Michel-des-Saints, QC

Here is the result of the close collaboration between SGD A and Talo: the Samoa S 604 model from the “SÉRIE S,” a collection of exceptional house plans designed by the creative team at SGD A.

This collaboration allows TALO clients to access high-end architecture designed by SGD A and its interior design services, creating a turnkey project!

Inspired by the use of concrete in brutalism, this residence creatively utilizes the verticality and structural properties of this material to rhythmize and define its different volumes, without any superfluous ornamentation. However, the voids and glass elements offer a contrast to the starkness of these imposing facades, resulting in an overall effect of astonishing lightness.

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© photos : Stéphane Groleau

Project information

Type :
Family home
Area :
3 300sq/ft
Year :
Services :
Architecture + Design