Inspired by the aesthetic of a fisherman’s house or a lake house, L’Entrelac proudly stands at the lakeshore, incorporating elements such as cedar shingles and steep roofs with wide overhangs. Although the construction is new, it manages to capture the essence of a subtle blend of old and new. The heart of the residence consists of a central volume in stone reminiscent of an old country house. Additional volumes and annexes with different orientations, heights, and finishes are added to create a unique, vibrant form. This particular configuration arises from site constraints, utilizing the angles imposed by the terrain to optimize the living area and provide panoramic views.

Outside, the emphasis is on character with contrasts of natural textures, gables, and dormer windows accentuating the distinctive identity of the residence. Inside, the welcoming, human-scale spaces incorporate rustic textures such as raw wood, concrete, and stone, juxtaposed against bright white walls. Comfort prevails, and a beautiful showcase overlooking the lake at the rear creates an intimate connection with the surrounding nature. The outdoor living spaces, an extension of the living areas, seamlessly integrate into a natural and unpretentious landscaping.

Project information

Type :
Family home
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Architecture + Design