Les 3 Îles

Les 3 Îles

Lac St-Jean, QC

This design exemplifies the art of creating lightness and delicacy with a modern volumetric composition.

The transverse openings, resulting in a vast opening towards the river, create an illusion of roofs suspended in the entire right wing. Designed horizontally, this section gently slopes alongside the two-story left wing, which accommodates the guest rooms.

Thanks to this deliberate horizontality, the house is in perfect harmony with the flat nature of the landscape. It exudes a simple elegance based on harmonious lines and balanced proportions.

Inside, light takes center stage with a range of light tones applied to natural materials with various textures. Spacious and inspiring, this area is filled with details contributing to its refinement without clutter or visual overload.

Project information

Type :
Family home
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Services :
Architecture + Design