Owl’s Head Estate

Owl’s Head Estate

Estrie, QC

Nestled at the base of an iconic mountain in the Eastern Townships, this architectural achievement is marked by its simple and sleek volume, paying tribute to traditional rural buildings while infusing a modern touch that renders it timeless.

Nobility is the defining word for the materials selected for this construction, highlighting minerals such as natural stone, copper, and slate. These materials do not merely contribute to the refined aesthetic of the whole; they also ensure a respectful and lasting integration with the environment.

Every aspect of this residence has been carefully considered to foster an ongoing dialogue with nature, extending to the interior where a design focused on living spaces exudes tranquility and light, encouraging occupants to connect with the outdoors while enjoying unparalleled comfort.

This home, equipped with a complete thermal experience, is perfectly integrated into the site. This wellness area blends with the landscape, offering a unique sensory escape.

Project information

Type :
Family home
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Services :
Architecture + Design