Panorama Alta

Panorama Alta

Charlevoix, QC

We are pleased to announce that this magnificent residence, designed by SGD A, is now available for short-term rental! This architectural masterpiece was carefully crafted to offer you an elegant and functional living space in an idyllic setting.

Composed of multiple overlapping sections, this residence was thoughtfully designed to maximize the view of the St. Lawrence River. The lower part, featuring large concrete blocks, houses the bedrooms and a family room, while the two upper volumes, clad in pale wood, extend the living areas and master bedroom outdoors.

The two volumes are connected by a section of black steel, adding a touch of modernity to the architecture.

The cantilevered terrace, seamlessly extending from the steel section, aligns with the living areas, which boast a sleek design with neutral colors to create a serene and welcoming atmosphere. The ceiling in the living spaces and its woodworking create a focal point that projects the view towards the panorama.

Head over to Panorama Charlevoix now to book your stay!

© photos: Phil Bernard Photographe

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New rental residence
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Architecture + Design