Refuge de la plage

Refuge de la plage

Métabetchouan, QC

This cottage, which combines Nordic and modern styles, stands out thanks to its exceptional windows. While the elegant front façade remains quite understated, the fully glazed rear offers a breathtaking view of Lac St-Jean. The covered terrace blends in perfectly with the home as an additional room that lets you take full advantage of the proximity to the lake and the beach.

Inside, the use of pale wood creates a natural and organic atmosphere where exposed beams add texture and feel of robustness to the structure of the building.

Open areas with high ceilings create a spacious atmosphere. All magnified by the large windows in the living room allowing an abundance of natural light and a magnificent view of the natural environment outside.

Overall, this chalet is an ode to Lac St-Jean and a Refuge for its occupants who enjoy a warm, comfortable and connected to nature.

Project information

Type :
Family home
Area :
3 800sq/ft
Year :
Services :
Architecture + Design