Potton Hill – La Grange

Potton Hill – La Grange


Affectionately called “La Grange,” the architecture of this accessory building draws inspiration from the style of the main house, taking a rustic tangent. One might believe that the building has been present on the property for several decades, with its weathered-looking materials and large wooden shutters.

Accessed through a secondary entrance and set back from the main residence of Potton Hill, it is, in fact, a detached garage that houses the second part of the impressive collection of cars and motorcycles you can admire here.

Inside, while maintaining the warm ambiance that characterizes the entire project, one is surprised by a touch of modernity that the exterior does not reveal. The polished concrete floor and minimalist lighting, in contrast with the natural wood, could rival the most beautiful showrooms and the most impressive museums!

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Family home
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Architecture + Design