Potton Hill – La Maison

Potton Hill – La Maison


This modernized Italian rustic villa competes with the charm and warmth of the magnificent traditional houses that inspired its design.

Comprising a collection of mixed-style volumes, small buildings connected by corridors and walkways, the overall view takes on the appearance of a charming secluded hamlet.

A true sensory journey, the house is adorned with rich textures of various noble materials, some weathered or aged, cleverly arranged to provide an enveloping feeling within the spacious open-concept layout that optimizes natural light.

This project is the result of collaboration among several creative and passionate individuals. First, our clients, accompanied by their ambiance creator, gathered inspirations that best communicated their vision. This pre-work allowed the design team to unite their forces to give shape and materialize this dream before our eyes.

*Project carried out in collaboration with an Architect.

Project information

Type :
Family home
Area :
17 000sq/ft
Year :
Services :
Architecture* + Design