This model is part of the “SÉRIE S” and was designed for Talo.

Samoa S 604

Inspired by the use of concrete in brutalism, this residence creatively exploits the verticality and structural properties of this material to rhythmize and establish its different volumes, without any superfluous ornamentation. However, the voids and the glass offer a contrast with the harshness of these imposing facades for an overall effect of astonishing lightness.

The space created between the two main modules gives birth to a welcoming interior courtyard, with vegetation serving as a backdrop to the fully glazed entrance.

The interior design is very European, with a focus on functionality for a minimalist result where space, light, and natural materials remain the main actors.

Upstairs, isolated from the rest of the layout by a spectacular sculptural staircase and a walkway, the intimate master suite can enjoy a privileged view, like a nest overlooking the rest of the house.

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Project information

Type :
Family home
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Architecture + Design