Stoneham Dental Clinic

Stoneham Dental Clinic


For this new dental clinic located in Stoneham, within a building characterized by the typical rustic style of the area, we aimed to develop a concept that harmonizes with the wooded and mountainous surroundings. Thus, stone and raw wooden beams find their place indoors, bestowing upon the reception and waiting areas a reassuringly masculine and warm ambiance.

As one proceeds towards the examination rooms, a gentle transition towards a more modern style is noticed, with a touch of originality. A palette of neutral yet refined colors, textured glass, and refined finishing details coexist to maintain the enveloping ambiance perceived upon arrival.

Given that the clinic is situated in a highly family-oriented area, we paid special attention to the comfort of the little ones. Doors at their scale and playful elements have been thoughtfully integrated, so that every visit is synonymous with smiles and comfort.

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Medical facility design
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