Résidence Orée

Résidence Orée

Austin, QC

Mindful of creating Sommets Galvin Heights as an eco-conscious project, we have allowed this unique site to inspire an organic architecture that adapts to the topography of each plot and requires minimal deforestation.

The proposed style for the estate deviates from the ultra-modern residences that have dominated the architectural landscape in recent years. There is a noticeable desire to return to the fundamentals, to embrace warmth and comfort. We exchange completely open and minimalist living spaces for more human-scale areas adorned with organic materials, bathed in pleasant light throughout the day.

This novel fusion of traditional and modern manifests in often horizontally oriented volumes, crowned with pitched roofs with exposed structures, and clad in natural materials such as stone, wood, and steel. An unprecedented blend of inspirations from around the world, adapted to the realities of Quebec’s climate and North American lifestyle, imparts a distinctive character to Sommets Galvin Heights and Résidence Orée, sure to captivate those with a keen appreciation for beauty.

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Family home
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Architecture + Design