Val des Irlandais

Val des Irlandais

Bromont, QC

This residence, characterized by a modern and contemporary aesthetic, seamlessly integrates into its wooded environment, adorned with materials whose hues draw inspiration from the surrounding forest. The ground floor, entirely glazed and open to the natural surroundings, transcends conventional boundaries between the interior and exterior. The covered terrace, equipped with a lounge area and an outdoor kitchen, provides an immersive experience that beckons one to fully appreciate the surrounding nature.

On the upper floor, a dedicated relaxation space takes center stage, infusing a vertical dynamic into the generally horizontally oriented volumetrics, elegantly leaning against a masonry partition wall. This architectural arrangement attests to a profound consideration of the interaction between indoor and outdoor spaces, emphasizing the significance attributed to the aesthetics and functionality of this unequivocally contemporary residence.

The apparent simplicity of the structure unveils a subtle sophistication, while the transparency of the glazed surfaces encourages a complete immersion in the surrounding nature, thereby creating a residential experience imbued with harmony and connection.

Project information

Type :
Family home
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Services :
Architecture + Design